Thursday, February 2, 2017

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February 6th-February 10th

Religion –We are continuing with our unit on the seven sacraments.  Students have been working on their google slide presentations and will finish these presentations next week.  We will be presenting these in class upon completing them.  We are asking that students include personal photos of themselves or family members receiving the sacraments.  Any photos you may have can be uploaded directly to your child’s google account.  If it is easier to email them directly to your child’s teacher, please feel free to do so.  If your photos are hard copies, simply take a photo of the photo with your cell phone and email or upload it.  Thank you!  We will also have generic photos of the sacraments for any student who does not have a picture for any particular sacrament.  Following our Sacrament work, we will spend time learning about Lent and pairing it with the Works of Mercy.

Reading/Language Arts – We are finishing up our MLK unit/informative writing pieces.  Please take a moment to view your child’s completed writing pieces in the hallway during conferences.  We will move back into our routine of independently reading, conferencing, and journal writing about current reading selections.  Following Spring Break, we will take some time to read in Literature Circles.  

Math –  We will be picking back up with Chapter 5 now that we are done with BizTown.  Studylink homework will resume.  Please encourage your child to continue to work on his/her basic facts to increase accuracy and speed.  Thank you!      

Social Studies - What a fabulous time we ALL had at JA BizTown.  Thanks again to all the parent volunteers for spending your time with us.  

**We are sticking with Social Studies and will be working on the concept of Timelines.  We will be discussing different types of timelines and students will be working on a timeline of their life.  Students may draw pictures or find photos at home to use on their timelines and were instructed to find them this weekend.  These will be displayed in our 5th grade hallway for all to enjoy during conferences!

Language Arts – We have moved on to the second half of the verb unit.  The second half of our unit includes verb tenses, perfect tenses, and verb consistency.  We will continue with our “Writing on Demand” unit next week as well.  This unit allows students to practice writing answers to essay questions and other types of prompts typically found on assessments.  It is important for students to understand that every piece of writing produced (long or short), in every profession (including a student) should have an introduction, details, and a conclusion.  Other helpful writing tips are provided in this unit as well (re-state the question in the answer, vary sentence length, use transition words etc).  

Spelling – Next week’s spelling list will consist of words that have the Greek and Latin roots mega, thermo, ped, man, cycl.  We will also re-visit synonyms and antonyms.