Friday, February 24, 2017

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February 27-March 3

Religion –  We are continuing to work on our Works of Mercy Unit.  Students will be responsible for knowing all of the Works of Mercy as well as how a 5th grader can serve others following the Works of Mercy.  We will also take time next week to discuss Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Lent.  We will participate in weekly Lent prayer services in the church.  These prayer services will be held...

Reading/Language Arts – We have moved back into our routine of independently reading, conferencing, and journal writing about current reading selections.  We are also completing mini lessons/activities for the teaching strategies.  Following Spring Break, we will take some time to read in Literature Circles.  

Math –  Like I stated in my email to you earlier this week, your child should be preparing for our Unit 5 test.  Your child should have marked in their planner when the test is as well as a piece of information to study each night this last week.  Your child also has a study guide that we have been working on in class.  The test dates are Monday, February 27 and Tuesday, February 28.  Thank you!      

Science - Students started exploring germs and how they can stay healthy.  This is a quick study about health and nutrition that will get us geared up for the Body systems by the end of the week.  Our 5th grade benchmark centers around the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.  Students will have a test over the information they have learned about Health on Wednesday March 1st.  

Language Arts – We will complete our “Writing on Demand” unit next week.  For the final assessment, the students will answer a writing prompt and then self assess their work using a rubric.  We will then move into a unit over figurative language/poetry/descriptive writing.

Spelling –  Our Spelling list next week includes words that are considered to be homographs.  Homographs are sets of words that are spelled the same but have multiple meanings.  For example, a novel can be a book with many pages or a word used to describe something new.