Friday, January 20, 2017

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January 23rd-27th

Religion –We are continuing with our unit on the seven sacraments.  We’ve learned about each one individually and categorized them into Sacraments of Initiation, Service, and Healing.  We’ve also completed a bible search that relates each sacrament to scripture. Students will now be in charge of creating a google slide presentation about the seven sacraments.  We are asking that students include personal photos of themselves or family members receiving the sacraments.  Any photos you may have can be uploaded directly to your child’s google account.  If it is easier to email them directly to your child’s teacher, please feel free to do so.  If your photos are hard copies, simply take a photo of the photo with your cell phone and email or upload it.  Thank you!  We will also have generic photos of the sacraments for any student who does not have a picture for any particular sacrament.

Reading/Language Arts – We are continuing to work on our MLK unit. Throughout the month of January, we have read and will continue to read various books and articles about MLK and reinforce a number of comprehension strategies during this unit.  We will culminate this unit, with an informative writing piece.  There will still be time for independent reading and conferencing to reach that 40 book mark at the end of the year!

Math –  We started Unit 5 that concentrates on fractions, decimals, and percents.  Please continue to encourage your child to practice basic math facts.  We will be testing on these for the second trimester next week.  Thank you!      

Social Studies - What a fantastic week we have had in learning about Biztown, how money works, check writing, campaigning, speeches, interview skills, elections, and more…  Students are doing a great job trying to absorb a LOT of information.  If you write a check or use your debit card this weekend, involve your child in how this works.  

Language Arts – We have started a unit on verbs.  We will be taking notes, participating in activities, and completing practice pages to understand verbs and to prepare for the final assessment.  No date has been set for the final assessment at this time.  We have also started a unit called “Writing on Demand.”  This unit allows students to practice writing answers to essay questions and other types of prompts typically found on assessments.

Spelling – Next week’s spelling list will consist of words that have the greek roots of ology, ologist, bio, geo, astro, and hydro.