Friday, January 13, 2017

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January 16th-20th

Religion –We have started our unit on the seven sacraments.  We’ve been learning about each one individually and categorizing them into Sacraments of Initiation, Service, and Healing.  Next week, we will relate each sacrament to scripture. Students will be in charge of creating a google slide presentation about the seven sacraments.  We are asking that students include personal photos of themselves or family members receiving the sacraments.  Any photos you may have can be uploaded directly to your child’s google account.  If it is easier to email them directly to your child’s teacher, please feel free to do so.  If your photos are hard copies, simply take a photo of the photo with your cell phone and email or upload it.  Thank you!  We will also have generic photos of the sacraments for any student who does not have a picture for any particular sacrament.

Reading/Language Arts – We have started our unit on MLK. Throughout the month of January, we will read various books and articles about MLK and reinforce a number of comprehension strategies during this unit.  We will culminate this unit, with an informative writing piece.  There will still be time for independent reading and conferencing to reach that 40 book mark at the end of the year!

Math –  Your child will be bringing home his/her Unit 4 Oral and Slate, Open Response, and Written Assessment on Monday.  Please review with your child, sign, and return with your child.  Our next unit of study concentrates on fractions, decimals, and percents.        

Social Studies - I hope you all enjoyed viewing your Child’s hard work on their Iowa History projects.  I am still grading and will get them back as soon as I can.  We have moved right into our BizTown unit.  A letter is coming home today explaining this program a bit more.  Please read and sign the permission slip and get that back to us.  Students will be learning a great deal in a short amount of time about how a business and the economy runs.  Students will apply for the jobs they would like to have at BizTown.  Next week we will talk about the application process in the real world and practice interview skills in preparation for our interviews next Wednesday.  We will also be electing our BizTown mayor and district attorney next Thursday.

Language Arts – We are wrapping up our 3rd round of informative writing.  The students had to choose a location for Santa to vacation on Dec. 26 or a gift (product) to purchase for Santa.  Research had to be completed on a location or product to complete the written piece.  We also discussed how to choose reputable sources and how to cite our sources to avoid plagiarism.  We spent this week typing and editing our work.  All of the steps for this paper need to be completed and ready to turn in on Tuesday.  Next week we will begin a unit on verbs as well as a writing unit on “Writing on Demand.”

Spelling – Next week’s spelling list will consist of words that have the greek roots of graph, phon, photo, tele, and  scope.