Monday, October 31, 2016

Oct 31st-Nov 4th

Pumpkin, Cartoon, Orange, Stem5th Grade NewsletterPumpkin, Cartoon, Orange, Stem
October 31st-November 4th

Religion – We have been researching, writing and preparing for the Saint’s Wax Museum this week.  As a reminder, the wax museum will be held on November 1st in your child’s classroom from 10:00-10:45 (after mass-mass will be held on the 1st-Tuesday instead of Wednesday this week due to All Saint’s Day).  We hope to see you there!  Following the museum, we will begin a unit on the Liturgical Calendar in preparation for the church new year beginning the first week of Advent.

Reading/Language Arts – We wrapped up the mini lessons focusing on our five senses to determine how the setting is described in text this week.  We also started mini lessons on determining the main idea.  These lessons will continue into next week.  Conferencing and letter writing are going really well!  Many students are well on their way to their 40 books by the end of 5th grade!  Keep on reading!

Math – Your child should have brought home three assessments for Unit 2, Oral and Slate, Written Assessment, and and Oral Response, for your review and signature.  We are beginning Unit 3: Geometry.  This does not mean that we are taking a break from computation - please encourage nightly practice of math facts at home.  :)  Thank you!

Social Studies - Students had many questions for Justice Wiggins on Monday and continued seeking answers as we started reading about how the Constitution began and why it is such a strong system of government.  We will continue talking about the 3 Branches of government this week.  There will be no D.O.G. this week due to Iowa Assessments.

Language Arts – We are continuing our work with sentences. We dug deeper into subjects and predicates this week, and have done quite a bit of practice with it.  In Spelling, we’ve introduced 3 new suffixes for the students to learn.  We have also familiarized ourselves with context clues this week - they picked this up very quickly!  In Writer’s Workshop, we’ve been easing our way into the personal narrative unit. The students enjoyed brainstorming exciting and memorable events that they can write about!

Spelling – There will not be a spelling list/test next week due to Iowa Assessments.