Friday, November 4, 2016

Pumpkin, Cartoon, Orange, Stem5th Grade NewsletterPumpkin, Cartoon, Orange, Stem
November 7th-November 11th

Religion – Our Wax Museum was a success!  Thank you so much for supporting your child by helping to put together a costume and listening to him/her practice his/her speech!  We are so proud of all of the students!  We also started our unit on the Liturgical Calendar in preparation for the church new year beginning the first week of Advent.

Reading/Language Arts – We began and we will continue with mini lessons on main idea next week.  Conferencing and letter writing continue to go really well!  Many students are well on their way to their 40 books!  Keep on reading!

Math – We continue to work in Unit 3 - Geometry.  Lots of new vocabulary is being introduced.  Your child can review his/her spiral each night to reinforce the concepts covered in class.  Continued practice of basic math facts will improve accuracy and speed.

Social Studies - Students began working on a group musical rap project about the 3 branches of government this week.  We have had a lot of great discussion and questions on this topic, some of which I have addressed and others I have instructed them to ask you, as their parents.  We are discussing the PROCESS of the elections next week as opposed to personal candidate opinions.

Language Arts – We have finished up our notes on sentences, and we will review everything on Monday before taking our test on Tuesday. We took a break this week from Daily Language Review because of Iowa Assessments.  In Writer’s Workshop, we continue to discuss all of the elements that go into their personal narratives, and they seem to really be getting the hang of it!

Spelling – We did not have a spelling list this past week because of Iowa Assessments. We will begin a new list on Monday that focuses on irregular plural words.